Stanislaus County Court Access Update

While I do not have the official written notice, below are the updated procedures for Stanislaus County. I received this information from the Court liaison on December 11, 2020:

  1. Starting next week, all CMCS and Settlement Conferences are going to

Stanislaus County Court Issues New Access Rules

Stanislaus County’s Superior Court has issued new orders limiting access to the courts and requiring face masks.   Those not directly involved in trials must apply for access.

These changes are detailed in the document below, issued Nov. 30, 2020 (click …

Stanislaus County Family Law Trial Update

Stanislaus County family law cases continue to move along very slowly. This is due to a combination of factors.

Under our system, when a Petition is filed and a new case is opened, the Superior Court clerk schedules a Case …

Law Library Status


The Stanislaus County Law Library is currently closed due to COVID-19. However, the librarians are offering “self-help” services by appointment.

I reached out to one of the librarians for further details on …

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